Harold's RV Dream

Harold's RV Dream - a Poem

Marie and Harold Drummond, from Canada were our neighbors, at the LTVA in Quartzsite.

They invited us to a campfire they were going to have one evening. Harold composed a poem about his lifetime dream of RVing which he recited for us that night. We enjoyed it and thought you would too. It's like Cowboy poetry only for RVers.



How I love this life on the open road
and the freedom it gives to me
to do the things I want to do
In my self-contained R.V.

When I was just a little lad
dreams wouldn't let me be
for I dreamed to own my very own
self-contained R.V.

No wood to chop, no chores to do
no sisters to rat on me.
Nothing to do all day long
but drive my own R.V.

How I'd love that life, on the open road
the freedom it would bring to me
I'd ride along, singing a song
In my very own R.V.

I slowly grew to manhood
got a job from eight to five
worked and saved for forty years
and kept my dream alive.

Marie and I got married
she shared my dreams with me
to someday drive those highways
in our self-contained R.V.

We raised a happy family
They numbered one, two, three
and this family of five kept alive
the dream of their own R.V.

The kids have grown and all left home
and I guess a lot like me
they harbour a dream to one day have
their very own R.V.

That long sought day of retirement
finally came to me
I ran so fast for now at last
I'd purchase my own R.V.

How I love this life on the open road
and the freedom it gives to me
to do the things I want to do
in my self-contained R.V.

Oh Canada how I love you
as I drive from sea to sea
down that long black ribbon of highway
in my very own R.V.



Thousands of lakes and rivers
are there to welcome me
and I camp among the forest
in my self-contained R.V.

When northern winds from the Arctic
blow down from the Beaufort Sea
I think of southern climates
and I service my old R.V.

Then it's over the Coquihalla
down the mountains, along Frasers shore
right to the Pacific Ocean
where giant breakers roar.

The motor responds to the throttle
as down I-5 I roar.
What a life to be free with my wife.
Who could ask for anything more.

Warm south breezes are blowing
and maybe just by chance
I'll camp in California
where raisins sing and dance.

Las Vegas took my money
Arizona stole my heart
California's sun sure was fun
and I surely hate to part.

With a tear in my eye, I'll say goodbye
for Canada's calling me
but as I often yearn, I will return
next winter, in my R.V.

So it's back up the western seaboard
to the border crossing at Blaine
up over the Rocky Mountains
back home in Canada again.

Now I know my days are numbered
and when the good Lord calls to me
I pray I can make that last long trip
in my very own R.V.

When I drive through those pearly gates
my friends, don't cry for me
for I've lived my dream, as only one can
in a self-contained R.V.

Copyright 1998 -- H.R. Drummond

Printed here with permission
from the Author


Harold's RV Dream - a Poem
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