Full time RVing 2001 Odyssey Travelog -
Part 0ne - California Delta

Steven L Fletcher & Fran Crawford full time RVing Travelog: November 2 to November 9

After working three months for Morning Star Trucking during tomato and peach harvesting season Fran spent the next several weeks catching up on hometown stuff... golfing, visiting, etc. ... getting ready for the winter departure. We had no firm plans until November 3rd to 6th when we were gather with some of the gang from the RV Club online mailing list folks. The fun of these get-togethers (GTGs) is getting to put faces to the names we have been corresponding with by email over the months.

Levee road next to Dela Marina in the California DeltaWe pulled out of Travelhome Park in Yuba City and headed for the Delta Bay Club and Marina resort on Andrus Island in the great California Delta on November 2nd. We were a day ahead of schedule but we were not the first of the group to arrive. Orange and red autumn leaves and bright sunshine added beauty to our getaway trip. On the way to the delta we drove highway 99 to I-5 to state highway 12. We took Jackson Slough Road to the resort that is on the San Joaquin River side of Andrus Island, near Sevenmile Slough. And if you think I am name-dropping here, you are correct... a lot of the names in the Delta are as quaint as the Delta's entire ambiance.

Potluck at RV Club get togetherI closed my eyes and pretended I was not there as Steve turned the truck from the narrow levee road down the incline into the resort. Two other rigs were already parked in our group's designated area. Eight more arrived in the next two days. We had eleven rigs and a special club member who had flown to San Francisco from Cincinnati, Ohio, to come to the GTG. Lynn bunked in Marshall and Louise's big fifthwheel.

Potlucks, talk sessions, exploration trips, beautiful sunsets, fabulous weather and inaccurate predictions of high winds by the weathermen filled the weekend's hours. If the event had a downside it was just the ladybugs, and they only appeared during the warm parts of the days. The problems with them were they infiltrated the RVs and they would bite people! (A week later I'm still finding an occasional ladybug inside.) The story about them is that the farmers import them to feast on the aphids in their corn fields. After the corn is harvested the ladybugs decide to change their menu to tourists!

Our rig at the GTG California DeltaThe California Delta is one of our favorite spots and we stayed a week there. The rest of the gang had slowly dwindled away. As for Delta Bay Resort, it is a nice place to stay. It has all the amenities... lots of trees, pool, tennis court, boat rentals, park model rentals, laundry, big club room. They need to get into the 21st Century as far as email retrieval goes, though. They have a computer for email checking but nowhere to plug in a laptop to a phone line.

We departed the Delta on the 9th and headed north again. Steve had a dentist appointment to be met before we could fly south for the winter and we had reservations at the Thousand Trails preserve at Lake of the Springs at Oregon House.

All the rigs at the RV Club Get Together
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