Full time RVing 2001 Odyessey Travelog -
Part Two - Thousand Trails Preserve (L.O.T.S)

Our home at Lake of the Springs (Thousand Trails, Oregon House, CA)Steven L Fletcher & Fran Crawford full time RVing Travelog: November 9 to November 20

We departed the Delta on the 9th of November and headed north again. Steve had a dentist appointment before we could fly south for the winter so we mad reservations at the Thousand Trails preserve at Lake of the Springs at Oregon House, California.

The trip was uneventful except for the very end as we searched for the best spot in the TT Park. I don't do well around narrow roads with sharp drop offs and steep hills. When we finally decided on a site I was in such a state I could not back the rig in as is our usual procedure. Steve got it parked, despite my attempt to help with directions, and we decided that it truly is one of the great spots in this park. We can see a bit of the lake, the swimming pool (which is closed for the winter), and we seem to be on the main trafficway for deer and waddling wild turkeys.

There were lots of deer at the Lake of the Springs preserve of Thousand TrailsIt's was cold here but that is to be expected for November, but the park is beautiful and quiet.

This was our first experience with our recently acquired Thousand Trails membership. Steve's Mom transferred hers to us and it looks as though we will make good use of it.

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