Full time RVing 2002 Odyssey Travelog -
Part 0ne - Ro Selman Get together

Second Annual Ro Selman RVT-S Get-Together
November 2-4, 2001
Delta Isle RV Resort
Brannan Island, California, USA

Halloween dawned sunny and bright in Yuba City. It had poured bigtime the day before and was supposed to rain some more, but we got away before that happened. We were the third rig to reach our destination at Delta Isle RV Resort in the Califunya Delta for the 2nd Annual Ro Selman Memorial Get-Together.

Helene had arrived earlier as had Louis and Leanne. The weather was great for the whole week. Delta Isle is a RPI park on Brannan Island in the midst of the delta formed at the junction of the Sacramento and San Joaquin Rivers before flowing into Suisun Bay. The Delta is a great place to get together because there is a lot to do if you want to do it and if not it is a nice place to do nothing at all.

Group  at RV Club Get Together Cal DeltaVisiting was high on the list for all of us although a few folks took off on shopping trips and others went fishing. Most of the time most of the people simply enjoy visiting.

Before the entire crowd arrived (13 rigs) we had scrounged six or seven picnic tables and set them up in a row between our place and Helene's and the Mikey's trailer. The tables were 'clothed' and decorated (with pink flamingos stuck into flower pots) and ready for the fun that would take place around them.

Dog walking took dog owners out for exercise every now and then, and one morning we all went up to a place where a RVer was making 'whirlygigs' and had them hung along his awning for sale. Most of us chose one as a souvenir of the get-together. Made his day for sure! I got us a road runner whose legs whirl around in the wind. It's painted copper metallic and matches our pick-up. Other got parrots, hummingbirds, bumble bees and other cartoon characters.

Friday evening was potluck night and of course we all ate too much! The food was great and camaraderie superb. We all enjoyed the campfire afterward.

Walker, Texas Ranger (aka Make)Saturday afternoon we began 'happy hour' a little early so we would not be late for the barbecue dinner being prepared for us by the park personnel and served in the recreational hall. After the dinner we headed back to our section for another campfire which lasted longer and was more fun even than the one the night before. During the evening we were visited by some of the park personnel, whom we promptly told that we needed a place to do email if they expected us to ever come back there again. After all, that is how most of us got together in the first place.

Also during Saturday evening we were treated to a visit from Walker (Texas Ranger) courtesy of Helene's imagination and a borrowed duster. Oh, yeah... and the Mikey.

Sunday folks started leaving as some of them had to work (yuk) the next day. By Tuesday Helene, Steve and Fran were the last hold-outs. Helene left Wednesday morning headed for Clear Lake unless something more fetching came up along the way and we headed for Santa Nella, CA and San Luis RV Resort.

Attendees of the get-together include: Wagonmaster Helene Montgomery & the Mikey Welton and Bear Puppy, Louie & Leanne Postema, Yvonne Bachman, John & Nancy Glynn, Fran & Ken Young, Thelma & Bob Ramsey and Potchie, Wayne & Sandra Hill and Maggie, Jean & Hal Cox and Mickey the Jack Russell Terrier(ist), Roger & Diane Flaherty, Marshall & Louise Tuller and George & Angel, Les & John Gallegos and Les' Pepsi mug, John Trainer & Jane Lyons and Fran Crawford & Steve Fletcher.


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