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Fran did long hours in the scalehouse at the peach cannery from June to September 2002. Steven spent the summer getting the truck and house into shape to get rolling again. So after a summer in Yuba City, ‘Califunya’ we took to the road again.

Steven has become a luthier... a maker of stringed instruments... specifically dulcimers. Fran is learning to play them. Steven ('amazingly' since he has had no previous musical instrument playing experience) has learned to play 'Amazing’ Grace! (Pun intended.) You can see photos of his first effort here:

The first stop on our winter trip was San Luis RV Resort just south of Santa Nella (Pea Soup Anderson), CA ... at the east end of Pacheco pass. Fran was ‘wagon master’ for the autumn 2002 Northern California Ro Selman Memorial Get-together. Ten rigs, 24 people and three pooches counting day drop-ins. The weather cooperated beautifully ... the prevailing winds died down for the weekend and a great time was had by all.

Friday evening we all dined at the Basque restaurant in Los Banos. Good food and an awesome concept for feeding huge crowds of people.

We stayed a week at San Luis and toured the Auto-Mate RV plant in Los Banos while there. I was impressed with the company’s ‘low-tech’ operation. They don’t make your Auto-Mate until you order it. Then they custom make it to your specifications. They seemed to really care about putting together a quality rig.


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