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We stayed two nights at Morro Bay Dunes to give us a day to explore and sight see. We toured the natural history museum that overlooks the large estuary at a time of very low tide and then had lunch at a fish place along the water’s edge. As the tide came back in we got to see the anchored boats turn on their moorings to face the opposite direction with the flow of the water.

Leaving Morrow Bay we had a blowout on the rig. Not a good way to start a day’s travel but other than a totally shredded tire there was no damage done. Steve removed what was left of the old tire and put on the spare. After finding a tire store and getting a new tire put on we continued south on 101 to 126 where we departed the coast and headed for the 14 to take us to Lancaster.

You probably know that we spend a few weeks with Fran’s #1 son Mark and his family in Lancaster each season.

Lancaster’s daytime weather was beautiful but after mid-December we had to disconnect the water hose nightly. The first really cold night caught us off guard and burst our hose.

In Lancaster we always get caught up in the activity that surrounds young families these days... scouts, soccer, school, homework ...sometimes pretty exhausting when you’re not used to it but we do enjoy our visit.

Fran made a day trip with the grandsons’ scout troop. It was a tour of Burro Schmidt Tunnel in the El Paso Mountains south of Ridgecrest. Burro Schmidt dug the tunnel alone. It was over 2200 feet long and took 32 two years to hack through to the other side of the mountain.

Our planned month’s stay in Lancaster grew to two months to cover Christmas, New Year’s and soccer tournaments.

Things were a bit windy when we left Antelope Valley Monday the 6th of January but NOTHING like it was that night in Wilderness Lakes TTN, just south of Sun City. The locals say it was the worst Santa Ana winds in history. We got lost coming down... didn't make a turn off in Riverside and had to go south on I-15 and then back up on 215. It worked out for us because there were accidents on 215 due to the wind and we missed them.

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