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Wilderness Lakes is a really nice park with water canals between the rows of RV sites, and mallards, big white ducks, honkers, egrets, herons and some other bird I haven't identified yet hanging around here ... to spend the winter I guess. I feed them right behind our house.

In Minifree, the closest town to the park, we found a Wi-Fi hot spot to stop by every once in a while to surf a little. Otherwise we had excellent cell phone service in the park and could get email with the cell phone!!! Pretty cool. The 'nature center' had a program about wolves.

The man brought two of his big wolves and apologized that he didn't bring the rest of them but they wouldn't get in his car and they are too big to man handle!!! Was interesting though. Wolves are very shy, contrary to popular belief.

Thursday, January 23. We departed Wilderness Lakes and headed up the 215 to 60, and across through an area called 'the Badlands' on my map, but it was beautiful hilly mountains. I never pictured so much open space in southern California because all you ever hear is how crowded it is down here.

The 60 flowed onto the 10 and we got off at Dillon Road to go into Indio to visit Gene Moskow, a most interesting person. He manufactures the stainless steel water regulators we sell on our website. He gave us a tour of his shop and we got to see the machines in operation.

Gene will be 88 in May and he is almost totally deaf but the stories of his experiences are captivating. One story is how he became the designer of the WWII P-51 Mustang’s wing. He’s also invented several interesting devices and manufacturing processes. we would have liked to stay all day and listen to him.

Back on the 10 to head east. Up over the Chiriaco Pass and the long straight road down into Blythe. Before long we were in Arizona... the land of cheaper gas, warmer air and incredible sunsets... at least the one that evening was. Getting through the Q wasn't as bad as I thought it would be.

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