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Full time RVing adventure 2000 Travelog -
Part Three - Arizona and back to California

We're still at Castle Rock Shores in Parker Dam, Arizona.

Fran played golf most every day at the park's course... it's free to guests. It's fun even though the course isn't all that big a deal.

During our stay we met up with Betty and Everett Emmons in Lake Havasu City and had a nice visit with them. They invited us to go with them to Everett's Brother's condo to watch the Royal Air Force Parachute Team jump onto the golf course just behind the condo. The jump was part of the birthday celebration for the London Bridge which is nearby.

Also during our stay, I got an email travelog from Tom & Kay Seliskar saying they were leaving Las Vegas and would be at Buckskin Mountain State Park that evening. The park is only about two miles from ours so on the way back from doing laundry we drove through to see if we could find then and we did. We visited for more than an hour... it's always fun to meet someone you've exchanged emails with.

Mark, Janette and the boys came to visit for a long weekend. We reserved the site next to ours and had a good visit with them. I had a cold and was not doing well but Fran took them all for a tour of the area.

Fran and I drove up to Bullhead City to meet with Bill Hanley who drove down from Las Vegas. Bill used to live at Travelhome Park in Yuba City before moving to Las Vegas several months ago. We almost missed each other because we didn't think about the time difference. We visited most of the afternoon and Bill showed us some of his artwork... he has been taking art lessons and shows real talent.

I've been spending a lot of time adding new features to the site, a search, a links page and a Long Long Trailer trivia quiz. All these things use CGI scripts. It's all new to me so it's been teaching an old dog new tricks... lots of trial and error and frustration... but it's fun too.

We also been workied on client web sites,,, including a new one for J BAR D Ag LTD we pretty proud of it.

By the time we left Castle Rock Shores on Saturday April 1st. The park was looking like a ghost town because so many folks had left already.

Leaving CRS we headed for Twentynine Palms. We staid there for three days so we could visit Joshua Tree Park again and also check out Giant Rock near Landers, CA that Fran heard about.

Johsua Tree MonimentOur visit to the 'Monument' was just as enjoyable as last year's visit although we didn't do the Key's Ranch tour or a lot of 'hiking'. The damage from 1999 fire was visiable along part of our drive but there is still so much of the park that was saved and is still beautiful.

Giant Rock is something of a monument itself, at least to the folks around Landers. It's reported to be the largest boulder in the world. People have be camping around it for many years and there are many legends about it and some cults and 'new age' types have been drawn to it. In February of 2000 a large chunk of the rock split off and fell to the ground reportedly on the same day someone had predicted.

Our home at Jojoba Hills Escapee RV ParkWe made a small detour and went south from Twentynine Palms to stay at the Escapees Jojoba Hills RV park near Temecula. Jojoba Hills is a beautiful park and them members there are understandably proud. The park was full so we stayed down below in the boondock area at a cost of $2.50 per night. We stayed for three nights and used one day to do a little exploring.

On Sunday morning, April 16, we checked in at the Escapees Escapade (RV club rally) here in Lancaster. Our intention was to move from Mark's over to the Fairgrounds but decided we like the hookups here so we just drove to the fairgrounds each day. Good thing too, Everett and Betty Emmons (from Yuba City) woke up to find their RV and all those around them in the middle of a small lake. The convenience of parking right at the gate near all the activities was a BIG plus too.

Mike and Viv McNight (also from YC) were there too and Ernie Friesian from All Seasons RV in YC was the keynote speaker... he was surprised to see me when I walked up. We've also met folks from Gridley and Oroville, towns near Yuba City.

Betty and Everett Emmons won a three day stay at a campground in Oregon which the plan to use on their way back from Alaska. They will be in Yuba City for a month before heading to Alaska... we told them to say hi to everyone for us... but will probably be on there way before we get back. Have a great trip guys.

Mike and Viv won a trailer stabilizer which he says he can't use because he already has one. And Brian and his wife (folks who sat with us each night) won an RV book and some luggage tags. Fran said they could hang the tags on their RV door when they were on the road.

RV Club members at EscapadeWhile at the Escapade, we met with folks from the Online RV Club who we converse with via email. It's always fun to meet the face behind the computer screen. We had met some of the RV Club'ers before at last year's Escapade and at Quartzsite this winter and it was nice to see them again.

Also ran into folks we met at the JoJoba Hills Escapees park near Temecula. Not bad for a rally with over 1,400 RVs and twice as many people.

We got to meet Barb & Ron Hofmeister. Their first book was one of the very first RV books I read when we were planning to full-time. We had them autograph their new book for us. They have also written articles for RV Companion magazine so we shared thoughts about the magazine and our editor. I went to their seminar and they handed out a list of their favorite RV web sites and HomeIsWhereWeParkOurHouse.com was on the list... cool huh?

We attended several seminars... two on writing magazine articles. I learned about RV Batteries while Fran went to a story telling seminar. I went to hear Ron & Barb Hofmiester and Fran learned fire safety and how to use a fire extinguisher... I figured two fire fighting schools in the Navy was enough training for me. We each got some got ideas for future columns at the seminars.

The evening entertainment was fun. On Monday nigh we had a comedian from Las Vegas who was pretty good but I heard funnier. On Tuesday night we had a boys choir from L.A. and they did a wonderful performance... they really knew their audience. Wednesday was a college group who sang and danced. They were very talented kids and we enjoyed them but they were a little off on playing for this particular audience.

Wednesday night was the Ham-O-Rama... the members talent show. With a couple of exceptions, the talent of these people is amazing. Some are, or were, professional performers. Pretty good show... especially compared to last years. Fran tried out for the show, she wanted to read her poem... but didn't make the cut. Oh, well.

We really had a nice time at the Escapade.

Our plans changed... if we had plans... we stayed at Mark's another week (that part didn't change) and then returned to Arizona... Bullhead City/Ft. Mohave... to be with the Escapees woodcarvers for a week. Mike and Viv wanted us to go and then we spent some time with the carvers in the craft area and they all convinced us that we would be sorry if we didn't go.

It was difficult to make the decision to go to Arizona because the online RV Club folks are having a get together (GTG) at the same time and this year it will be in the California Delta instead of Lodi... oh well.

We had a week between the Escapade and the workshop so while we were still in Lancaster we visited the the California Poppy Reserve. For all the years we've been coming to Lancaster we've never been here during the Poppy bloom until this year. It's truly beautiful and we worth seeing. Here's a couple of photos.

California Poppy Reserve visitor center, Lancaster CaliforniaCalifornia Poppy Reserve visitor center, Lancaster California
         California Poppy Reserve visitor center, Lancaster California

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