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Page Three - Castle Rock Shores RV Resort and Parker Strip


Castle Rock Shores RV resort, Parker Dam, AZ

Castle Rock Shores RV Resort near Parker Dam Arizona. We're staying here for February and March 2000. This is the view of the park from the California side of the Colorado River.

(Click on the photo to see a panorama version)

A Sunset at Castle Rock Shores

Just one of the beautiful sunsets at Castle Rock Shores RV Resort.

Wild burros near Parker Dam


Coming back from doing laundry in Parker one evening we drove back home on the California Side. As we got close to River Lodge RV Resort we noticed some cars parked on the road ahead. As we got closer we saw what everyone was looking at. We found out these wild burros show up here quite often.

close up of wild burros

We found out these wild burros show up here quite often. They wander through the golf course and the RV part down to the river.


close up of wild burros

These little guys are so used to being close to people that a couple have gotten courageous enough to take carrots from the people who come to watch. Who knows in a few more years they may be as famous as the burros in Oatman.


Fuji blimp

If you've been following our adventures you know that we felt very lucky to see the Goodyear Blimp last year. Well imagine our surprise when we spotted the Fuji Blimp flying over Parker! We watched as it made a 'practice approach' at the Parker airport then fly over us close enough to see folks waving from the windows.


Fugi Blimp chase ground crew

The Fuji Blimp chase crew has stopped at McDonalds for lunch.
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