Stained Glass by
Steven L Fletcher & Fran Crawford

It seems like another lifetime ago but back in the late 70's Fran and I did some stained glass work and had a studio in Yuba City, California.

Butterfly Window Photo



This stained glass window was my first large window.
3ft wide x 2ft high

I gave it to my Mother on her birthday the same year and she has it hanging in a kitchen window.

The stained glass lamp shade sold at a show in a mall in Sacramento, CA.

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I made this window a year after the butterfly window.

It's one of the last pieces we still have. It was in our house until we moved into our RV. Now it's in storage.

The Poppy Window is FOR SALE.
The asking price is $2,500. This is a truly unique piece. A lot of artists have tried to duplicate it but, as far as I know, none have come close.

Size is 3ft wide x 4ft high.


Click on photo to see larger version(60K less than 30 sec. to load at 33.6k)

Poppy Window Photo


Bird Window Photo

This is the largest single panel window I've made. It's 4ft wide by 5ft high. We gave it to

Fran's #1 son and family who framed it into a new family room addition.

Click on photo to see larger version.
(60k less than 30 sec. to load at 33.6k)

If you are still interested I have
another page of windows and lamp shade.

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