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The Rver's Bible : Everything You Need to Know About Choosing, Using, and Enjoying Your RvThe Rver's Bible : Everything You Need to Know About Choosing, Using, and Enjoying Your Rv

by Kim Baker, Sunny Baker

This book lives up to its title. Everything Every RVer Needs to Know About Choosing, Using, and Enjoying Your Rv New RVer's, especially, should consider this title an essential part of their RVing library.

In this perky repository of RV info, precious little is said of such plebeian concerns as fuel efficiency. Rather, the Bakers emphasize enjoying life once you have cast the die for such a gas-and-road hog. Oh, frugality is a concern, but mostly in the chapters on buying your land yacht and keeping it in running trim. Commonsense nuggets appear throughout (e.g., "Ask for discounts on extended stays"), and the Bakers strive to advise on such mundane operating matters as checking air pressure in the inside tire on a "dually," as well as on larger lifestyle issues, such as what the various "classes" of RVs offer in shower space and the all-important walk-room. So doing, they successfully provide a highly readable, comprehensive, and well-organized one-stop resource on practically any concern RVers might have. This could be the classic RVer's sourcebook.

under $20 Paperback, 416 pages Published by Fireside Publication date: April 1997
Dimensions (in inches): 0.88 x 9.22 x 7.38

Barb & Ron's Movin' On Book CoverMovin' on : Living & Traveling Full-Time in a Recreational Vehicle

by Barb & Ron Hofmeister

On March 30th, 1989, exactly two weeks after Ron Hofmeister retired as Deputy Director of Finance for the Michigan Department of Transportation, he and his wife Barbara turned in the keys of their town house and started the ignition of their new home, a twenty-four-foot motorhome. The couple's car was hooked up behind, with their bikes perched on top. After three and one-half years, they traded in the small motorhome for a thirty-four-foot Bounder motorhome. Barb called it her mansion. What started out to be a one or two year adventure has turned into a permanent lifestyle. In 1997, they traded again; this time they purchased a thirty- nine-foot, luxurious American Dream motorhome, which Barb calls her castle.

Under $15 - Paperback

February 1999 by R & B Publications; ISBN: 0963731912 ; Dimensions (in inches): 1.00 x 8.45 x 5.48

Full-Time Rving : A Complete Guide to Life on the Open Road by Bill & Jan Moeller
Full-Time Rving : A Complete Guide to Life on the Open Road by Bill & Jan Moeller

This is one of the first RV books we bought. Ask any serious RVer what books you should have and this one will be on the top of the list. Bill & Jan cover all aspects of full-timing but their ideas on how to adapt your rig to the full-timing lifestyle are extremely helpful. The book's just been updated and reprinted.

Lots of practical, frugal approaches to RV living and travel. Bill & Jan primarily describe the pros of full time RVing. Lots of tips on how to make inexpensive modifications to your RV to make it far more livable and easier to clean. They oint out the shortcomings of many popular floor plans, and their preferred floorplan for comfortable RV living.

This book is written with a lot of first hand knowledge of all areas of living full time in an RV. It's written for and by average people who do not have an unlimited income and therefore must keep an eye on the most efficient means to an end. They not only "talk the talk" but have "walked the walk"!

Under $25 - Paperback - 480 pages 3rd edition 1998 Published by Trailer Life Enterprises; ISBN: 0934798532 ; Dimensions (in inches): 1.06 x 9.19 x 7.86

Charles Kuralt TapesThe Charles Kuralt Collection : Charles Kuralt's America a Life on the Road Read by Charles Kuralt

Who doesn't remember On the Road with Charles Kuralt? Now you can listen to the best of his stories while you travel the same roads!

Audio Cassette Abridged edition (January 1998) Simon & Schuster (Audio); ISBN: 0671970194 ; Dimensions (in inches): 2.09 x 7.22 x 4.66 Sales Rank: 34,085

Availability: Usually ships within 24 hours.

Our Price: $35.70

Great Western Rv Trips : A Year-Round Guide to the Best Rving in the WestGreat Western Rv Trips : A Year-Round Guide to the Best Rving in the West

If you've enjoyed reading our travelogs then we know you'll love this book.

From sun-baked Baja to spectacular Glacier National Park, a perfect guide to seeing the West by RV--16 dream vacations for every season.

For more than two decades, writer and photographer Jan Banan has blazed the RV travel trail in the West. Now she has compiled 16 dream vacations for the RVer, doing all the information-gathering and road-testing for you.

These magical itineraries will take you to: Arizona's Saguaro National Park as nature awakens its springtime; Southern Texas's Big Bend in the winter, where wildlife and hot springs abound; Oregon's lush forest trails and Columbia Gorge waterfalls at the peak of the summer's windsurfing season; Southern Utah's magnificent red rock cliffs in autumn; Idaho's historic Lewis and Clark route. And many other glorious places during their best seasons, Great Western RV Trips helps you get the most out of your RV travel adventures, tipping you off to the best times for viewing flora and fauna, and showing you how to work with the weather, not against it.

This comprehensive vacation resource also includes detailed maps, resources and information for the physically impaired traveler, complete information on the best campgrounds and hookups, and special events and recreational activities at your destination. Prepare for the RV adventure of a lifetime!

All for not much more than the cost of a couple of good road maps!

Under $15 - paperback - 208 pages 1999
McGraw-Hill; ISBN: 0070067228 ; Dimensions (in inches): 0.48 x 9.03 x 6.00

Living Aboard Your RV: A Guide to the Fulltime Life on Wheels by Janet & Gordon GroeneLiving Aboard Your RV: A Guide to the Fulltime Life on Wheels by Janet & Gordon Groene

Sell your home and hit the road with this complete guide to full-time living on the road. RV veteran Groene offers a realistic portrait of RV living, and gives all the information needed to successfully call your RV your home. 60 illustrations.

Janet & Gordon's book is most excellent, taking you from the first urges of fulltiming to the 'End of the Road'.

The universal areas covered were done in a most professonal manner and down to Earth. There are any good and timely suggestions from choosing your home on wheels, managing money, mini-hobbies, housecleaning, security and of course repairs and maintence. A terrificly good read !

Under $15 - 2nd Edition Paperback, 250 pages Oublished by Tab Books 1993

Dimensions (in inches): 0.72 x 8.99 x 6.01

Managing 12 Volts : How to Upgrade, Operate, and Troubleshoot 12 Volt Electrical SystemsManaging 12 Volts : How to Upgrade, Operate, and Troubleshoot 12 Volt Electrical Systems

by Harold Barre

If you plan on doing any boondocking you should have this book!

Barre succeeds in taking the mystery out of 12 volt electrical systems, explaining simply and clearly how they operate and how to apply this information in a specific RV or boating situation.

Books on electrical systems are not new, but Harold Barre's Managing 12 Volts is readable, understandable, and useful."The Log "California's Boating Newspaper"

This book explains you nned to do to improve your 12 volt electrical system. You'll learn how to upgrade your electrical system by answering three simple questions, and by installing the equipment to support those answers, you will have all the electrical power they want.

You'll learn how to operate a 12 volt system by learning how to determine the amount of "fuel" batteries contain, and how to charge them properly. And learn how to troubleshoot an electrical system.

Under $20 - Paperback, 213 pages Published by Summer Breeze Pub Publication 1996 Dimensions (in inches): 0.50 x 8.93 x 5.99

RVing Basicsby Bill Moeller, Jan MoellerRVing Basicsby Bill Moeller, Jan Moeller

If your new to RVing the Moellers' RV guide is a nice little primer. They help you chose an appropriate RV, discuss interior options, and offer advice on selecting RV campground sites. They cover readying RVs for travel, driving them, using campground hookups, cleaning, and maintenance. The advice is practical but not condescending, and the less time you spend diddling over all the 'necessary stuff', the sooner you can be on the road, by the lake, or parked in your favorite desert.

Under $15 - Paperback, 213 pages Published by McGraw-Hill Publication date: January 1995
Dimensions (in inches): 0.82 x 9.13 x 6.18

RV Repair & Maintenance Manual

by Bob Livingston

The book that has been an industry standard for almost a decade is now updated with 100 additional pages, keeping readers in step with the latest improvements in procedures and technology in easy-to-understand laymen's terms.

Under $30 - Paperback - 400 pages 3rd edition (March 1998) Trailer Life Enterprises; ISBN: 0934798451 ; Dimensions (in inches): 0.94 x 10.86 x 8.41

Lycy & Desi Art

The Long, Long Trailer

This is one of Steve's favorite movies! He watches it at least once a month.

Clinton Twiss' novel provided the basis for The Long, Long, Trailer. The movie tells about newlyweds... Lucille Ball and Desie Arnez... who have to deal with a new trailer home on their honeymoon.

Lucy and Desi give there best performances together ever in this funny and spirited comedy. It is an excellent movie for people who love RVs, classics movies, and/or Lucy and Desi.

From Nicky backing his 'lousy stinking trailer' into Aunt Anistasia's prize roses, to Tacey trying to prepare dinner in the trailer while Nicky drives on oblivious to her hilarious predicament, The Long,Long Trailer gives you more laughs in two hours than most people get in a whole week!!!

We're sure it will become one your favorites the instant you begin to watch it.

Please see Our Long Long Trailer web page for more information and trivia about the movie.

Under $15

My 20 Years of RV adventures by Everett L. GraceyMy 20 Years of RV adventures by Everett L. Gracey

Everett's book helps the newcomer to RV'ing know what to look for when buying an RV for pleasure, business or full-time RV'ing by revealing the pitfalls. And provides a fairly good check list of things to look for when purchasing your new "Home on Wheels."

Everett also makes suggestions on "Full Time RV'ing" or "Part Time RV'ing." What is best for you? Do you sell all of your belongings to go full time? Or do you just use it on occasional trips?

For the experienced RVer, His book has many pages of tips and tricks that he discovered the hard way, by trial and error.

Everett used his RVs under several different applications. Most of the use was in his electronics business traveling throughout the United States visiting electronic shows and also visiting his established dealers that sold amateur radio and commercial two-way radio equipment. He had a traveling office on wheels with computer, printer, fax and cellular phone.

His wife had one to two days a week that was "her day" to check out flea markets, garage sales, and antique shops to add to her many collectibles. She now has a better collection than most antique stores. Without "her day" set aside for her, the trips would be very boring for her.

Everett and his wife enjoyed many trips, but it was not all "peaches and cream." He experienced many nightmares with the six RVs that they had over a period of 20 years. You can learn from him and maybe avoid them.

Fulltime RVing book CoverFull-Time RVing: How to Make it Happen by Sharlene G. Minshall

Full-time RVing is a "How-to" book that lets you in on the mobile lifestyle that millions are enjoying! What does it take to get started? What should I keep? What should I take? How do I keep relationships with family and friends intact? How do I cross borders into Canada or Mexico? What type of vehicle or health insurance is needed by a full-time RVer? What happens if I break down? What is the daily life of a full-time RVer really like? This book gives you the straight scoop from one who has been living it for almost thirteen years.

Under $12 - Paperback - 192 pages 1 edition
Gypsy Press; ISBN: 0964397021

How to Buy an Rv (And Save Thousands of Dollars) by Don WrightHow to Buy an Rv (And Save Thousands of Dollars) by Don Wright

Don's book reveals all the secrets in the buying and selling of RVs. Following his advice can easily save you thousands of dollars and a lot of grief. If you're looking at RVs through rose colored lenses, this book will put everything in perspective. If you're still willing to get that RV and hit the road after reading this book, at least you'll have a fighting chance.

Don gives you some good insight into when/how to negotiate a good deal on an RV. Then motivates you to be brave about asking for the price you want to pay.

You'll also find information which will help you to know what to look for in an RV. (storage, food prep areas, size of bath etc..) The checklist in the back of the book is complete and will be helpful when comparing rigs.

Under $12 - Paperback - 152 pages 2nd Rev edition 1996

Published by Cottage Publications; ISBN: 0937877204 ; Dimensions (in inches): 0.32 x 8.54 x 5.42

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