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Most of the photos are from Kruger National Park, but also from a wildlife sanctuary in Swaziland. The non-animal photos are of our pottery making day, and one with the pots in the pizza oven. There is a close-up of a warthog (little horns by its mouth), and a few of impala (the little guys), there is one of a kudu (the guy with stripes), the big bird with red is a ground hornbill (they are bigger than a small dog and eat frogs), a pair of vervet monkeys, a lazy baboon, and I think the others are straightforward.

The animals at Mana Pools leave the tents alone because they do not threaten or frighten them. If you put your tent up along a well-used hippo trail, they will just blunder right over it. But we did a fair bit of scouting before we pitched ours.

At Matopos National Park: cool lizard on rock, James trying to entice a chameleon to show us his long, sticky tongue, James on top of "the view of the world"


The stunning Victoria Falls


The stunning Victoria Falls

At Mana Pools National Park: hippos coming out of the river to graze in the rain, buffalo at dawn, hippo spotting James through the grass, and hippo close-up.


In the Delta


In the Delta: Golden building the fire, Golden and DeeDee waiting for the hippos, following the other mokoros, and "Reflection"


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