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Photo of Steven L FletcherHi, my name is Steven Fletcher I'm married to Fran Crawford.

I was born and raised in Yuba City, California. With the exception of three years spent in Uncle Sam's Yacht Club (U.S. Navy) I've lived there all my life. That probably explains my longing to hit the road!

I did time... uh... I mean served in the Navy from 1966 to 1969 aboard the USS Weiss (APD 135). If you or someone you know was a Weiss Guy I'd like to hear from you. If you're interested in such things I've compiled a few web pages about the ship and my time aboard.

I've worked at a lot of different jobs over the years... mostly self-employed. I worked in a peach cannery, bagged groceries, installed burglar alarms and sold electronics at Radio Shack. I and my brother Glenn had a vending machine business for a couple years then I and Fran had a stained glass studio for a few years. From 1990 to early 1997 Fran and I operated a sign business. Now we're doing some freelance web design and writing for magazines. Well, Fran is the writer but with her help I manage to pound out a column for RV Companion Magazine.

I'm a computer nut ... I'm not smart enough to be a computer nerd! My first computer was a Radio Shack TRS 80 purchased back in 1977. It was a model 1 after RS had other models . That Trash 80 had 4k... that's kilobytes not megabytes... of memory and used a cassette recorder to store programs and data files!

I have to give Fran credit for recognizing the potential of a new computer from Apple. She was one of the first to own a Macintosh back in April 1984. It had 128K of memory! Who could have imagined needing more? (Hard drive? no way! but it did have those cute little 3.5" disks that cost $5 each if you bought a box of 10) . One of our grandsons has that original Mac (upgraded to a Plus) now. Anyway, I've been a Mac nut ever since. Fran has a Performa 6360 and a powerbook 1400. I have a Mac 7200/75 and an old PB145. Trying to shoehorn both desktops Macs into the RV wasn't easy but we did it!

Here are some my favorite Web sites

Our Collection of Bookmarks to RV Web Sites
So many, I've moved them to their own page! Enough information about RVing here to keep you browsing for a long time!
National Rifle Association
Obviously the best source of information regarding the 2nd Amendment and firearms ownership.
Libertarian Party
Find out for yourself what Libertarians stand for. You just might find out we have a lot in common.

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