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Motorola FRS RadioMotorola TalkAbout 250 FRS Radio

Looking for a great way to stay in touch while hiking, skiing, camping, or shopping? A pair of these little radios is just what you're looking for.

Last year in Quartzsite we only heard one other couple using FRS radios. This year there were people on every channel! It seems FRS radios have become the standard way RVers communicate with each other. And this TalkAbout radio is the best of the bunch.

The TalkAbout 250 radio is an upgraded version of the TalkAbout+ that Fran and I purchased over a year ago. We love them and hardly ever leave the RV without them. We use them to help back the rig, buying gas... when Fran has to go inside to pay. we use them in the grocery store and lots of places. Fran takes her radio when she goes for her walks. You can get cheaper radios but we highly recommend the TalkAbout.


  • Up to two-mile range
  • 14 channels/ 38 privacy codes
  • Channel lock, scan, and call alert
  • Backlit Liquid Crystal Display
  • No FCC license required

Our Price: $89.99

Statpower InverterStatpower 300 Power Inverter

We have one of these units and use it a lot to run our Macintosh PowerBook and the ol' boombox. If you plan to boondock or even overnight without hookups we think you'll get good use from the Statpower 300. This unit is quiet and works very well for us.

  • Converts 12v DC to 120v AC power
  • Stores easily
  • Provides hours of emergency power
  • High-efficiency design
  • Transfers 90% of battery power to equipment
  • Completely mobile AC power

Product Description

As a quiet alternative to generators, an inverter is today's solution for completely mobile AC power. Using the battery from your car, truck, RV, or boat, Statpower inverters can operate appliances, home electronics, office equipment, and more. Each compact unit stores easily and will provide hours of emergency power during thunder storms or blackouts. High-efficiency design transfers 90% of the battery's power to you equipment. Cigarette lighter adaptor, 2 AC outlets. Powers laptop computers, 19 in. TV, stereo, fax, lamp or 4 75-watt bulbs, and more.

Our Price $59.99

Rubbermaid Step Stool ToolboxStep Stool Tool Box by Rubbermaid

Our Price: $19.99

Half toolbox, half step stool: 100 percent good idea. This two-in-one Rubbermaid product is perfect for RVers who place a premium on convenience. The padded top handle folds flush to the box for storage, and recessed latch guards protect against spills. Besides, its nickname is " Roughneck." Sounds tough, doesn't t? It is.

Delorme Earthmate GPS

Delorme Earthmate GPS

Never Get Lost Again! The Earthmate GPS Receiver is a high-performance, easy-to-use link to the satellite navigation technology of the Global Positioning System (GPS). Earthmate and a laptop PC will show your location on detailed Street Atlas USA maps. An arrow shows your position in real time on street-level maps, so you always know where you are and where you need to be. Earthmate features a durable housing with a moisture-resistant seal and is designed to withstand a wide variety of road... Do you have a notebook computer? With a laptop and earthmate you'll never get lost again. Plan your trip before you leave and Earthemate will give minute-by-minute driving instructions and plot you progress.

This is such a fun toy because it's so practical and useful too. If you're traveling unfamiliar roads you need Earthmate GPS. I've found it especially useful in planning our route but we have a lot of fun tracking our progress while we drive.


  • Faster satellite acquisition times and outstanding performance
  • Arrow shows your position in real time on street-level maps
  • Durable housing with a moisture-resistant seal, designed to withstand a wide variety of road conditions
  • Pick any 2 points on the map and have Street Atlas USA create an address-to-address route
  • Use Earthmate with Topo USA, Topo USA 2.0, 3-DC TopoQuads, Eartha Global Explorer, or AAA Map'n'Go

Apple PowerBook and iBook Owners there's a version for you too!

Earthmate GPS for Macintosh

Our Price: $164.99


Jensen Power InverterJensen Power Inverter

12v DC to 120v AC power inverter 75 watt continuous power.

This is a smaller and less expensive, alternative to the Statpower 300 but should provide plenty of power for most laptops.

Our Price: $39.99

Midland Weather RadioMidland Weather Radio

Satellite TV doesn't have local stations so how do you find out about local weather conditions? With a weather radio! Get 24 hour weather updates whenever you want.

More importantly the Midland Weather Radio will automatically alert you immediately to any weather emergences.

  • Indicators for high/low power, EMG, CB/WX, low battery, keyboard lock
  • 10-segment sequential power/signal meter
  • Large, multifunction LCD readout
  • Two memory channels

Our Price: $69.99

Note: Please be aware that controls the prices and they are subject to change without notice to us.

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