Testimonials from customers who have purchased
a love spoon from Steven L Fletcher

Your lovely spoon arrived this afternoon and it is absolutely perfect! What makes it unique is the fact that it is carved on the back as well as the front.... most of the spoons I have are not so multidimensional and seem to be made for front-viewing only. I think you have done a wonderful job in recreating the love spoon tradition. - Gaile S.

Your spoon arrived safely today. Took it to my carving club tonight and shared it with my other carving buddies then home to my kitchen wall. Looks great. - Patti L.

Very nice! Those spoons are excellent! I can appreciate the intricate work. All your carvings appear very 'clean' and finished, and I congratulate you. - Marc B.

Your butternut spoons are beautiful, especially your original flower designs. Excellent. Kathleen M.

Your spoons inspire me to try carving them some day. - Jean M.

Your spoons are terrific. You were right, the grain is beautiful. You do nice work for someone who hasn't been carving that long! - Bernice

Thanks for sharing your spoons. They are super. - Dwight

Really nice carvings. The spoons are great. - Old Joe

WOW... Your carvings are fantastic. ....I love all your stuff...you are GOOD!!! - Pat wood spoon wood carving

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Last modified on: Monday, July 10, 2000