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Steven & Fran's Annual Report for

The winter of 2006-2007 was not bad weather wise... not much rain and not too cold in Yuba City. That’s a good thing because with our lifestyle we don’t hang out a lot in cold places and therefore lack the wardrobe needed.

Our 2007 started out slowly but went from ‘zero to sixty’ in 11 short months!

We're not sure what happened to January it went by so fast.


February is a big birthday month in the family...

Katie's 2nd Burthday Party

Granddaughter Katie's 2nd Burthday Party


A ticker tune-up solved some health issues Fran had.Now a pacemaker helps her keep up.


Not sure Katie grasped the whole idea of colored eggs in the front yard, but she had a good time tossing them into her basket.

Katie at Easter

April cont. ... we went to the Escapee’s 2007 Spring Escapade in Stockton.

Vintage Trailer Campsite Display

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