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Steven & Fran's Travelog for 2009
The Reunion Tour - Part 7

Reunion Tour 2009 - Part Seven

Day 28 - Travel Day - All too soon we left our sanctuary and headed north again, through Lake Havasu City stop light at a time. That takes time when you’re pulling a 37’ fifth wheel.

We stopped overnight at Mohave Valley across the river ... yep, the same good old Colorado River ... from Needles, California. Got settled in Spirit Mountain RV Park and decided to go for supper at Sonic in Fort Mohave. On the way we passed a Long John Silver/Taco Bell place. Steve loves LJS's fish but I cannot eat fish from LJS due to my shellfish allergy (they fry all their fish in the same oil) so I suggested he could get fish and I could get tacos.

"Good idea" he said. He turned left into the next available driveway to head back, but somehow we ended up parked in front of a Pizza Hut. What a mecca of fast foods for people who have been hanging out in the desert for a month!

Day 29 - Travel Day - Interstate 40 between Needles and Barstow is a long journey mostly uphill and into the wind. We saw long, long freight trains loaded with containers of goods headed east. A lot of UPS trailers were piggybacking on railroad cars and a lot of Fed Ex trucks were on the highway also heading east. Maybe this is a good sign for the economy ...product moving about the country. We counted Montana rigs again, but we had remembered to bring the Nano so we listened to Bill O'Reilly's "Bold, Fresh Piece of Humanity".

When we got to Antelope Valley the wind was still with us. It had been a head wind the whole way from Needles and now the wind was picking up sand and alkali and carrying it across highways making vision almost impossible. Everywhere we have been has been windy but Antelope Valley seems to be extra good at gusting.

Buddy the dogOur destination was my son’s home in Lancaster. No people were home when we arrived but Buddy, their miniature dachshund wiggled from head to toe in excitement. It’s pretty amazing how he remembers us and the routine of getting set up in the backyard. He stays out of the way until the steps are down on our rig and the door opens. Then he zips in and gets set next to where I keep the Milkbone box.

My goal is to be as good a person as my grand-dog already thinks I am.

We got here in time for Buddy’s tenth birthday. He is in such great shape because he has a backyard with a lot of rabbits to chase.

We will be here for a while before we start a trek to the north.

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